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Key Change Chart for the Major Scales
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 Scale Degree          1                2                3                4                5                6                7                8       
Key Signature        Chord       Chord      Chord      Chord      Chord      Chord      Chord      Chord
Key C         C       Dm      Em       F       G      Am   B  dim      C
Key G        G       Am      Bm       C       D      Em   F# dim      G
Key D        D       Em      F#m       G       A      Bm   C# dim      D
Key A        A       Bm      C#m       D       E      F#m   G# dim      A
Key E        E       F#m      G#m       A       B      C#m   D# dim      E
Key B        B       C#m      D#m       E       F#      G#m   A# dim      B
Key Cb        Cb       Dbm      Ebm       Fb       Gb
  Bb dim      Cb
Key F#        F#       G#m      A#m       B       C#      D#m   E# dim      F#
Key Gb        Gb       Abm      Bbm       Cb       Db      Ebm   F   dim      Gb
Key C#        C#       D#m      E#m       F#       G#      A#m   B# dim      C#
Key Db        Db       Ebm      Fm       Gb       Ab         Bbm   C  dim      Db
Key Ab         Ab       Bbm      Cm       Db       Eb      Fm   G  dim      Ab
Key Eb        Eb       Fm      Gm       Ab       Bb      Cm   D  dim      Eb
Key Bb        Bb       Cm      Dm       Eb       F      Gm   A  dim      Bb
Key F        F       Gm      Am       Bb       C       Dm   E  dim      F
Before you get started playing some of the new songs on our sheet music, here's an easy way to change the key of the song if you find that you need to sing it a little lower or a littler higher than the key we've chosen. We could put in an automatic key changer put where's the fun in that?! This gives you the freedom to change a key whenever and wherever you are. Capos are great for guitarists, but a capo often changes the pitch of the song too much as you move it up the frettboard. Capo's can even be a little difficult for a beginning guitarist to use. But anybody can use our chart!
First look for the key of the song. It's literally the key to how the whole song will go. If you don't know what key it's in look at the number of sharps ( # ) or flats ( b ). Then go down the left hand side of our chart until you find your key. Now look across the row. That's the basic chord progression for the key, in that some or all of those chords will be found in a song written in that key.
1 #
2 # s
3 # s
4 # s
5 # s
7 b s
6 b s
5 b s
 4 b s
3 b s
2 b s
6 # s
7 # s
Another clue to the key of a song is what chord begins the song and what chord ends the song. Often, the note upon which the scale is built, called the tonic, will also be the first and/or last note of the song. As a guitar or keyboard player, you might only have lyrics and the chords to a song, but no more information about the specific notes used in the song. If the song begins with the C chord, then that's a good place to start determining what key your song is in. If you are still not sure what key your song is written in, just give us a call and we'll try to help you figure it out!

Once you've found your key, you'll want to decide what key you will be changing to. If the song you have is written in the key of C, for instance, and you want to try out how it will sound in the key of G, just take the chord C and replace it with the G. Take all the Dm chords and replace them with Am, and so on until you've changed all the chords. Voila!

There may be some variations of chords, but the basic template above remains the same. If you find that there is a G7 chord in
your song, then when you change it to the key of G, replace the G7 chord with the D7 chord. As long as you go column by column as you change the chords you'll be singing in no time.

We did us the letter b to represent a flat sign, but hey - don't be a music snob! Just pretend - like we do. Okay now let have some fun and
1 b s
This chart is based on the music wheel of fifths.